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Formerly known as Legacy Crystal Bay Golf Resort

Formerly known as Legacy Crystal Bay Golf Resort, the course designed by famous Japanese Designer Thai Takenaka was first opened back in 1988. Set out in a simple but effective 27 hole design, the course is renowned for its lush, palm tree lined fairways, well maintained tee boxes and of course the water. The water is a key feature on the course not only as a hazard but also to add to the attractiveness of the course. Water is present on almost every hole and there are bunkers aplenty to add to your whole enjoyment.

The 3 rd and 8 th are particularly spectacular holes with the 8 th being a par 3 island hole leaves little room for error, even for the most accomplished of golfers. That being said, the course offers frequent birdie opportunities with most people managing to play to their handicap or better. The standard of the course varies throughout the year and can quickly become waterlogged after storms so it is a good idea to have a look at the weather forecast in advance before making too many plans.

The clubhouse is of a reasonable standard although it now starting to look a bit dated and some parts need a little work. The bar area is nice and serves a wide selection of drinks whilst the restaurant has a wide selection of Thai food although Western options are somewhat limited.

The course is probably not one of the first on people’s lists when they are thinking of playing a round of golf and this perhaps does the course a little bit of an injustice. Assuming that the weather and course conditions are favourable you can have a thoroughly pleasant round with the caddies always appearing to be friendly and knowledgeable.

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